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Peshawar Business School (PBS) was founded, like many other educational institutions, to educate students in skills of business with an edge. It is the first business institution affiliated with the University of Peshawar.

At PBS, there is growing realization of the need to rise to the globally changing environment; keep pace with the global technological development and play its crucial role in the human resource and economic development of Pakistan.

There is need to infuse new life into the role of the teacher, with the increasing use of technology, multi-media and e-learning in the class room. The teacher will fast become a facilitator rather than the sole fountain of knowledge. Keeping this in view, PBS management makes sure to acquire the services of best teaching faculty for the students.

There are challenges of creativity and innovation, as the new paradigms for learning in the knowledge revolution age, young minds should be trained for inquiry, reflection, critical thinking and a problem-solving attitude. The business graduates must be armed with practical skills and awareness of ground realities in the corporate world.

As women account for half of the population of Pakistan, and have greater role to play, we believe in gender equality in the provision of quality business education and the employment opportunities.

A healthy and constructive mind can only be cultivated and produced when curricular activities are augmented by co- curricular activities. As socially responsible educational Institute, the faculty, the students and employees of PBS actively participate in the co- curricular and social activities.

We, therefore, expect our students to excel in academics and keep up with the religious and national traditions and then go ahead with faith in Almighty Allah.


We wish our students a bright future after leaving their “alma- mater.”


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