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Rules & Regulations


A code of conduct based on various rules & regulations; if any student violates these rules regulation shall be liable to disciplinary action.


Regulations relating to the discipline and conduct of students

The following among others shall constitute acts of indiscipline and misconduct for which action may be taken against the students.


  • Breach of any rule of public morals.
  • Use of indecent or filthy language in class rooms, and on the campus.
  • Wearing of immodest, improper and pro provocative dress.
  • Use of undesirable remarks or gestures.
  • Disorderly behavior, such as, shouting, abusing, quarreling, fighting and insolence.
  • Use or attempt or threat to use force.
  • Defiance of authority.
  • Impersonation perjury, giving false information, willful suppression of information, cheating, deceiving and stealing.
  • Inciting or staging a walk-out, a strike or an unauthorized procession or political activity.
  • Shouting of slogans derogatory to the prestige of the institute of reputation of its teachers and officers.
  • Use of intoxicants/smoking.
  • Keeping of arms.
  • Failure to comply with any penalty imposed by the institute disciplinary authority: loss or damage to institute property movable or immovable:
  • Any act, conduct, disorder or neglect which is considered prejudicial to good order or discipline or unbecoming of a student and a gentleman by the competent authority.
  • Minimum attendance requirement to appear in examination is 75% will be dealt as per policy during mid-term as a warning and if the students do not recover their percentage till final term then they will not be allowed to take the examination.
  • Sanctioned leave must be obtained from the administration.
  • Only re-totaling of the paper (not-rechecking) with in a week after declaration of result allowed.
  • Students securing G.P.A below 2.0 per semester will be detained.
  • Students securing G.P.A below 1.0 will be stuck off.


The MD and disciplinary committee shall be competent to take disciplinary action against students found guilty of violating rules of conduct. The disciplinary action may take one and/or more of the following measures, depending on the nature of indiscipline or misconduct.


  • Imposition of fines.
  • Recovery of loss or breakage of movable and immovable institute property.
  • Placing a student on probation.
  • Suspension from the rolls.
  • Rustication

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